In 2004, architects, engineers, planners, landscape architects and interior designers at global design studio HOK were brought into devise a 600,000 sqm transport hub to replace the old Doha International Airport which was struggling to meet the demands of increased passenger numbers. The new facility is capable of handling 28 million passengers annually. The hub includes two of the longest runways in the world, a 2,100 sqm public mosque, 28,000 sqm retail gallery, two 100-key hotels, health spa, 3,431-car parking garage and numerous support and administration facilities. Situated near the waterfront of the Arabian Gulf, Hamad International Airport with its sleek Passenger Terminal Complex will be the first impression many new visitors will get on their entry to Qatar. The terminal gives visitors a spectacular and lasting impression of the country while providing them with a five-star travel experience. Hamad International Airport (HIA) is a uniquely designed airport set against a beautiful man made lagoon and landscaping, creating a lush green environment to compliments the airport’s natural bay and coastal setting. The roof of the passenger terminal complex creates an architectural feature, the design of which is influenced by the waves of the Arabian Gulf. HIA is located 4 kilometers east of the existing Doha International Airport (DIA) and has been primarily built on reclaimed land.
Client : NDIA Steering Committee
Consultant : HOK
Contractor : Sky Oryx JV
Scope of work : Supply & Installation of 2 Squash courts from ASB, Germany in level 4 of the Main terminal building. Model – System 100 (2 nos.)